24K Golden 3D Roller Kneading Fat Cellulite Reduction Face Lift Massager Magic Energy Stick Beauty Bar


3D Face Massager Roller 

Product Description

1. Material: brass, aluminum, 24k golden plated

2. Dimensions: main body-140x6mm

3. NW/GW: 85g/190g ( not included the battery )

4. Voltage: DC1.5V ( use one 5V battery)

5. Vibrating frequency: 6000times/min

6. Function: massage, skin tightening, face lift, slimming, etc.

1,275.00 2,515.00

Product Description

About the product

► HIGH FREQUENCY VIBRATION – Vibration massage therapy can keep moist and elastic through vibration with stable electric power driven. Requires one AA batteries(not included ); Vibration frequency: It’s 9,000 per minute vibration rebuilds the skin collagen, tightens up the pores, promotes blood circulation of your skin to give you the rejuvenated, radiant and youthful look.

► WIDE APPLICATION – Mainly aim at smoothing out wrinkles on face, fading stains, lifting and tightening skin, face shaping, eliminate edema and dredging the meridians to promote the absorption of nutrients and the lymphatic detoxification, achieving the goal of refreshing skin. You can take this beauty bar 24k gold when you at home or outside, to enjoy professional care anytime.

► WATERPROOF DESIGN – 24K golden beauty bar with anti-bacterial material ensure an antimicrobial surface for the safe of touching your skin, beside, it can be used in baths and saunas to promote facial blood circulation. Perfect for Carrying in Your Purse, Pocket or Bag The 360-degree waterproof design has been certified by US’s safety and waterproofing.

► DOUBLE DRAINAGE ROLLER – The roller surface diamond-grade cut with small diamond shape and unique 3D “V” type design to fit-swell to every corner of face, with double drainage roller, simulate massage master complex kneading techniques which can make you enjoy comfort experience like from the SPA class massage.



1. Promoting the absorb  effect of maquillage wipe out the secretion of keratin

2. Preventing the aging, enhancing immunity.

3. Promoting the face blood circulation and metabolism. So slack and improve the phenomenon of natural sodium, such as skin flabby, wrinkles, splash, under-eye puffiness and multiplex under jaw result from age.


Main Features

1) “Y” shape massage head.

2) pure brass body frame.

3) energy elements such as hematite, germanium, titanium, negative ions, fir, etc.

4) high frequency vibration with 6000 times per minute.

5) water-proofing design, can be used when taking bath.



1) forhead

2) cheek

3) neck

4) clavicle

5) shoulder and cervical spine

6) the upper arm

7) hand

8) shank


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