Dermal Korea Tea Tree White Scrub Cleanser

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 TEA TREE WHITE SCRUB CLEANSER contains pure Tea Tree Oil & blend of gentle cleansing ingredients which thoroughly removes makeup, excess oil and impurities while soothing skin.

  • Effectively cleanses skin without drying.
  • Leaves skin with a soft feel.
  • Gently Exfoliate the skin keep it clean & clear.
  • Concentrated scrub-to-foam formula.
  • Use as a first step in your daily skincare routine.
Product Information:
  • Content: 1 each
  • Manufacturer Code: FC-03
  • Weight: 150 g / 6.3 oz
  • Expiration: 3 years after manufacture date

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Tea Tree White Scrub Cleanser contains Pure tea tree oil which extracted from the leaves of the tea tree. Its herbal, slightly medicinal scent includes a mix of several compounds! Some of these compounds are believed to calm factors in skin that contribute to how acne looks and feels.Research has shown that application of a of tea tree oil can reduce the number of papules and pustules—both types of pimples that people with acne usually experience.

The double scrub of cleansing foam helps to clean pore completely which had been blocked by dead skin and it keeps the skin fresh and healthy.

Product Details:
  • Content: 1 each
  • Manufacturer Code: FC-03
  • Weight: 150g / 6.3 oz
  • Expiration: 3 years after manufacture date
  • Caution: If the following signs occur please stop using immediately and consult a dermatologist 1. stop using if skin becomes red, swollen, itchy, etc during and after use. 2. avoid using or irritated or sunburned skin by direct sunlight 3. stop using on troubled skin part including eczema or dermatitis 4 avoid contact with the eyes. if contact occurs. rinse eyes thoroughly with water 5. keep away from the rich of baby and children 6. stored at room temperature only and keep away from direct sunlight.
Dermal Shop Tea Tree White Scrub Cleanser

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  1. Devkanya

    One of the best picks I made recently.it gives a cooling effect on skin and makes me feel comfortable.


  2. Prasad

    It is Absolutely Phenomenal! product worth using it……..recommended product


  3. Gunjan

    My skin feels incredibly radiant after using it.I’d recommend this to every one.



    This brand is literally the best brand ever. thank you dermal for such a grt product.


  5. Manisa

    Perfect exfoliator for acne prone skin…it also has a soothing effect which helps with soft skin


  6. Tulsi

    It creates a cooling effect and very effective for all skin type enjoying the product.


  7. Lesha

    This suits my normal combination skin very well. I use it as a scrub for about a minute or so, it’s invigorating properties leave your skin energized and relaxed at the same time.


  8. Srinanda

    I have extremely oily and acne-prone skin. So I tend to think a lot before purchasing any product. This is my holy grail product. Omg, it is so refreshing. It delivers a cooling sensation to the facial skin.


  9. Bhavika

    Loved the product. It feels as if you got a clean-up. Clears the skin and makes it looks more glowing.


  10. mahek

    This is so good and the best part is that it works as a wash, scrub as well as a cleanser.


  11. Gurung

    One solution for all skin problems.But these products are worth the price if you want a nicest skin.


  12. Maaniya

    This is my second time using it because I have many skin problem like acne, pimple, pores so this product really helps me.


  13. Anna

    You all need to try this it works like a miracle. always you can have shiny skin


  14. Jasmin

    I just love this product my blackheads and whiteheads are faded after 1 use it feels so fresh, one of my favorite products.


  15. Angki

    The granules are very fine and small and as a result, it reaches deep into your pores and cleanses them. This is very good for all skin types


  16. Navneet

    Two in one. Wow, great product cleanses my skin well and gives an instant glow.