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Dry Skincare Routine

Dry Skin forms when the skin superficial layers get dehydrated by some means as Skin superficial layer should be have between 10% to 30% water content, and maintaining this level of hydration is tremendously important.

Hydrated Skin looks glowing & beautiful. When skin is properly moisturized, it’s flexible and supple, nourished. Normal hydration also allows skin to preserve and sustain the natural substances it relies on to keep it healthy-looking and visibly protected from negative environmental influences.

Reasons of Getting Dry Skin

There are many causes for Dry skin like Genetics determine your skin texture, environmental damage, sun damage from accumulated unprotected sun exposure, climate influences, your health, or a combination of those things can be primary or secondary causes. The type of skincare products you use can also be a factor if they contain harsh or drying ingredients that disturb skin’s surface.

How to Get Back the Hydrated Skin

Dry Skin is the starting phase of other skin problems so proper skincare regimen is required with do’s & don’ts to be follow. The core issue of dry skin is a broken surface, the two primary goals are to put it back together again and stop doing things that tear it apart. Drenching skin in replenishing and skin-restoring ingredients is the key to hydrating the epidermis layer of skin.

Recommended Dermal Korea Products for Daily Dry Skin Care

Face Wash & Cleansers:

 White Aqua Moisture cleansing foam contains Hyaluronic Acid which is effective for keeping skin moist.  It restore the moisture level in skin layers. A silky smooth skin-softening cleanser that replenishes skin’s moisture content while gently but effectively cleansing skin and removing makeup.


 Premier Cleansing Water is a water-type cleanser that is less irritating to the skin and it can cleanse your face thoroughly with hypoallergenic ingredients. No need extra water cleansing and just wipe out your makeup within a few second! Remove your make up simply and protect your skin from the harmful surroundings.


Premier Cleansing Oil is a premium-grade cleansing oil which has no fatty acid(synthetic surfactant) and it does not ask you to cleanse more than once. It is a perfect cleansing oil that cleans up your make-up. Wastes will be completely washed and no irritation to skin.



Dermal Korea Xilix Mink Oil Cream is considered as a Skin Regenerating, Anti Ageing, Whitening Cream. As Mink is musteline and it is the only animal who has no skin disease in the world and even though its skin was hurt, it heals by itself excellently.  




vita10+sleeping pack contains 11 different vitamin components together (including derivatives) to nourish and revitalize your skin through antioxidant action. Especially, together with vitamins capsules which consist of 11 kinds of vitamins and niacinamide help to improve your skin tone and present the skin elasticity.



 Daily Body Moisturizer –Moringa moisturize the skin for 12hrs with nice fragrance.


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